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Advice Section: Communicate before Making Decisions
Great marriages are built on great communication
The decision of marriage should be given serious consideration as the bond of marriage binds the bride and groom for the lifetime. Communication among the partners before marriage plays a vital role in decision to marry.
It is important to realize that sharing important decisions takes strong listening, negotiating and problem-solving skills. The partners should be clear in their ideas of how a perfect marriage should work. Expectations should be laid out clearly to avoid future misunderstandings. It .is usually said that bad decision making about secondary things in marriages one of the leading causes of problems in marriage. It is likely that partners in marriage may mirror each other’s views on life and subscribe to the similar moral codes. However, communication and discussing these issues can give both peace of mind that one’s partner for life agrees with ones’s philosophy on life.

Communication itself is defined as the art of successfully sharing meaningful information with people by means of an interchange of experience. There are many different types of communication but they can be classified into four basic types of communication, Verbal, non-verbal, Written and visual communication.

Communication, along with a willingness to grow closer together, is one of the keys to a successful marriage. When making the most important decision of your life in choosing your partner and deciding to get married, you can consider following factors amongst others:

• It is critical that you make time to prepare for your life time together by exploring your relationship in more depth. Try and be as open and transparent in your communication with each other. Discuss your expectations, priorities and values.
• Communication means not only listening but also hearing. Be attentive to the hints and clues you are given by body language and mood tone, listen to the message beneath the words and ask questions to clarify.
• Having purpose and meaning to your individual lives is important to most people. Having purpose and meaning in your marriage can help remind you both of who you are and what you care deeply about. This awareness would give your marriage a solid foundation on which to make plans and make goals together.
Tips to Effectively Communicate with your Partner
To grow together, and to understand the changes and challenges each other face, we MUST be willing to share the good and the bad; the hopes and the dreams; the fears and the frustrations; the twists and turns on the road of life. Partners in marriage should be aware of certain factors that determine the efficiency of communication. These may include.
1. Clarity of Message
Make sure that you formulate your communication taking into account your partner’s frame of mind so that you convey the message in its true meaning. A failure to do so can result in creating misunderstanding between you both.
2. Communication Channel
Always think whether in a particular situation having a face-to-face conversation would be a better option instead of speaking on the phone, or using another alternative means of communication.
3. Rapport
If you and your partner share a common background and have faced similar experiences, it increases the mutual understanding level and hence enhances the outcome of the communication process.
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